ViDi Suite Release 1.3 (07.2015)

  • New Multi GPU support
  • New Linux - Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits LTS support
  • Improved overall processing speed up to 40%

Important changes

  • Starting with this release, ViDi red requires to have “Good” images explicitly labeled
  • Starting with this release, multiple ViDi Suite version on the same system are allowed (1.3.1)
    IMPORTANT : Please read the installation guide to for more details



  • Added: Support up to 4 GPU added
  • Added: Official support of Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits LTS
  • Improved: Processing speed up to 40%
  • Improved: Processing speed of large images (> 5MP)
  • Reworked: Installer tool
  • Fixed: Issue when cloning a workspace right after adding new images.
  • Fixed: Instability when feature size < 5 pixels.
  • Fixed: older versions uninstall


ViDi blue

  • Improved: Model matching speed and performance
  • Fixed: Manual training flag


ViDi red

  • Improved: Processing speed when using a mask
  • Improved: Performance of red supervised
  • Additional result statistics
  • Changed: ViDi red labeling must now be explicit (good images must be labeled as such)


ViDi green

  • Improved: Classification performance


ViDi library

  • Added: Function to extract a view image
  • Added: List workspaces function returns timestamp and uuid for runtime and training workspaces
  • Added: Visual Studio 2010 solution
  • Added: Helper function to transform the coordinates of the markings in .NET
  • Added: Component to display the results in .NET
  • Added: Function to save and load image from the C library



  • Added: Functionality to update parameters of old workspaces
  • Added: New conditions to the database filter
  • Added: Keywords to list database in Blue tool
  • Added: Possibility to rename multiple images simultaneously from the user interface
  • Added: Statistics to blue report
  • Added: Message showing the number of GPU in use
  • Changed: Toolchain entry point from camera to input
  • Fixed: Help(?) button redirection


ViDi Suite Release 1.3.1 (09.2015)


  • Added : Allow multiple ViDi Suite version on the same system
    IMPORTANT : Please read the installation guide to for more details

ViDi red

  • Fixed : Color images training performances


  • Added : predefined filter for images labeled as good / bad
  • Added : warning message when renaming images : affects other versions of the workspace
  • Fixed : processing multiple tool from the input area processes only one tool
  • Fixed : ViDi red statistics default mode fixed again to "views" (not "regions")

ViDi Library

  • Fixed : on certain conditions, unable to process a ViDi.Image created with raw data
  • Fixed : match positions not public in the marking API
  • Fixed : on certain conditions red overlay border could appear in wrong color


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