ViDi Suite 2.0 Offers Major Advances in Image Analysis Capabilities and Speed


ViDi Systems has announced Version 2.0 of its ViDi Suite deep learning based industrial image analysis software that offers major advances in image analysis capabilities and speed. ViDi Suite’s feature recognition tool, called ViDi blue, has added the capability of identifying and locating features regardless of their size and orientation. The new version also optimizes graphics processing unit (GPU) memory handling, providing a 30% to 50% reduction in training and processing (inference) time. The first ready-to-use deep learning based software for industrial image analysis, ViDi Suite makes it easy to tackle a wide range of challenging inspection and classification problems that are beyond the capabilities of conventional image analysis tools.

Additional Features

  • Complete object oriented .NET Wrapper for Training & Production API
  • Standard reusable WPF based user interface components
  • Custom styling of GUI and results overlay appearance without development
  • Increased modularity and flexibility with GUI plugin architecture (with community sharing of plug-in source code on GitHub)
  • Efficient handling of large images through built-in tiling mode
  • Tool import & export functionality to allow tool transfer and re-use between workspaces
  • Easy sharing of computing resources through ViDi Suite Service
  • Parameter search plugin to streamline tool optimization


Read the complete press release.

Download the complete file.