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Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Xpand Technology

Increases barcode reader field-of-view by over 50%


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The patent pending Xpand™ technology increases the field-of-view of a single DataMan® barcode reader while maintaining the highest read rates. Hotbars II™ enables the DataMan family of readers to decode up to 10x the speed of a typical image-based reader, ensuring multiple read attempts even with Xpand installed. With this technology, retail distribution, parcel, and postal applications can be solved using fewer readers, simplifying project installation and setup time and reducing overall cost.

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Engineered to Meet the Needs of Logistics Applications

The innovative Xpand technology is ideal for logistics applications. The pressure for distribution centers to increase productivity and reduce labor cost has never been greater. Installing Cognex barcode readers with Xpand technology allows a single unit to see more of the belt. This reduces the number of readers required reducing the upfront investment to update outdated scanners and increases the ROI.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Xpand is designed for use with the DataMan 300 and 503 series barcode readers. It is available in multiple formats to fit a large variety of application requirements.

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