02.08.2016 : SYSTEMATIX Inc. : Next Generation Vision Technology

Vision Systems for Inspection are More Human-like Than Ever Before

There has never been more potential for vision to overcome the manufacturing challenges of medical device and pharmaceutical customers than there is today.

A new generation of high speed cameras, intuitive software and advanced algorithms provide simple, flexible and powerful solutions capable of human-like inspection.

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In the world of logistics every process improvement counts! ELSA (Migros Group) is no exception.
They choose ViDi Suite to perform a challenging product identification.
“When it comes to image based product identification, ViDi Suite offers tremendous advantages in term of performances and simplicity for configuring and operating” Dr. Reto Wyss - CTO of ViDi Systems and father of the Deep Learning image analysis used in ViDi Suite.

Challenges in logistic center product tracking

  • Automatic product identification and classification without access to bar or matrix code
  • Normal and expected changes in product or batch appearance and environmental variability exist and can cause problems. So systems that are implemented to take on this challenge need to be resilient to the mentioned variations.
  • Possible visual similitude of different products
  • Frequent introduction of new products or packaging


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