08.02.2017 : Industrielle Bildverarbeitung taucht in die Tiefe Neuronaler Netze

The Produktion Magazine from Germnay talks about the Deep Learning technology of ViDi Systems.

Deep Learning
Industrielle Bildverarbeitung taucht in die Tiefe Neuronaler Netze

(...) Nicht nur im Silicon Valley ar­beiten Ingenieure fieberhaft an Deep Learning Methoden, auch in der industriellen Fertigung nimmt <las Thema langsam Fahrt auf. Erste Anbieter von Bildverar­beitungssystemen sammeln Er­fahrung in der Automatisierung, Logistik und Qualitatskontrolle. Die Schweizer Firma ViDi etwa. "Wir haben Kunden in der Uhren­industrie, der Logistik und einen Milchproduzenten", berichtet CTO Dr. Reto Wyss. (...)

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02.02.2017 : Artificial Intelligence: Machine Vision’s Next Frontier

We talk about the Machine Vision’s Next Frontier in the AIA Vission Online.

"ViDi Suite, which has won nearly 20 awards, comprises three different tools. ViDi Blue finds and detects single or multiple features within an image. The tool localizes and identifies complex features and objects by learning from annotated images. ViDi Red detects anomalies by learning the normal appearance of an object, including its variations. The red tool also segments specific regions in images. ViDi Green learns to separate different classes based on a collection of labeled images to classify an object."

20.01.2017 : We talk about the success and growth of ViDi Systems in the Swiss magazine L'Agefi.

We talk about the success and growth of ViDi Systems in the Swiss magazine L'Agefi.

Entreprise locale qui prend son envol
vendredi, 20.01.2017

Vidi Systems. La start-up fribourgeoise et sa technologie d’analyse d’image basée sur le deep learning va notamment passer de 10 à 20 emplois en 2017.

Johan Friedli
Tout est en pleine accélération pour Vidi, basée dans le canton de Fribourg, qui a récemment vu de nombreux efforts récompensés. L’entreprise est profitable depuis le quatrième trimestre de 2016. «Nous avons fait autant de chiffre d’affaires sur cette période que sur les deux dernières années», se réjouit Nicolas Corsi, co-fondateur et CEO. Sans compter un succès encourageant à l’international.

L’entreprise a développé une intelligence artificielle qui est capable d’analyser les images. Basée sur le deep learning, elle évolue et s’adapte d’elle-même. Les domaines industriel et médical sont les principaux clients à l’heure actuelle. Vidi met en avant une technologie très accessible. «Il suffit d’un ordinateur de bureau et d’une journée de formation pour se lancer», explique Nicolas Corsi. (...)

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23.12.2016 : ViDi is featured as a Startup success 2016

ViDi Systems is honored to be part of the exclusive Microsoft Sway platform of Startup success 2016.

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07.12.2016 : ViDi is featured as one of the Top 5 innovative Startup’s

ViDi Systems is honored to be part of the exclusive Bilan selection of promising Swiss start-ups.

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05.12.2016 : competition in Silicon Valley, CA

ViDi Systems from Switzerland is the overall Grand Winner of the 2016 Robot Launch global startup competition, beating out many US contestants in a field that included sensors, artificial intelligence, social robots, service robots and industrial solutions.

Robot Launch judges said that they picked ViDi Systems for their “great early traction, impressive customers, strong team and large market potential”, noting that while ViDi Systems were clearly one of the most mature startups in The Shortlist, that they had achieved a lot in a comparatively short period.

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01.10.2016 : Deep learning takes this further

[...] Deep learning in machine vision has been advancing quickly over the past decade. Olivier Despont is from Swiss machine vision software firm Vidi Systems, which claims to be the first to develop a deep learning-based industrial vision analysis system. Vidi Systems is shortlisted for the Vision Award for its technology, the winner of which will be announced at the Vision show in Stuttgart, Germany in November. [...]

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30.05.2016 : ViDi Systems, le talent du visionnaire
19.05.2016 : Top 10 Swiss Undiscovered Startups
02.03.2016 : ViDi is featured as one of the Top 50 Startup’s

During the Lift Conference 2016 in Geneva, the financial magazine Bilan published its long awaited list of 50 top Swiss startups in which to invest in. In its introduction the important question is raised “So who will be the next Swiss Uber?” It also explains why investing in disrupting innovation like ViDi is making more and more sense. ViDi Systems is honored to be part of their exclusive selection of promising Swiss start-ups.

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29.01.2016 : Un logiciel aussi efficace que l’oeil humain
11.11.2015 : Quand les robots se mettent à voir
20.07.2015 : Micromachining at LASER World of Photonics

ViDi Systems and its sister companies CPAutomation and BS-Optics partnered to exhibit an automated laser welding system with built-in quality inspection using ViDi Suite software dedicated to automated aesthetic inspection & classification.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:03
17.06.2015 : Laser welding with intelligent quality control

BS-Optics ALICE series of galvo laser processing heads with the easy to program NOONE software are designed to allow easy programming for micro laser welding. The newest development is the integration of ViDi Systems image processing software which provides a powerful inspection tool. The article “Laserfügen mit intelligenter Qualitätskontrolle” (in German) from the trade magazine MIKROPRODUCTION (03/15) highlights this unique offering:
Using a scanner-beam control processing head simplifies Laser welding of small complex parts. Adding an intelligent algorithm image processing quality control assures high process reliability. There are other advantages combining these technologies such as “ZigZag” welding (leads to adjustable beam width, and low heat input) and using the same hardware (camera, lighting) for laser processing as well as laser weld inspection. The ViDi software can easily determine if there is issue with the laser path width, holes, surface, etc. For more information as well as pictures please see the following article.

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