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8 questions to determine if a machine vision system is a good fit for your operations


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John Lewis, 05-20-2016
  1. Do you need to determine the position of an object, for example, to verify proper label placement?
  2. Do you need to ensure package integrity, or check that bottles or vials are fully closed and secured with tamper-proof seals?
  3. Do you need to verify that an object’s properties meet quality standards, such as the position and volume of glue beads used in automobile transmissions?
  4. Do you need to ensure that manufactured goods are produced without flaws, such as surface scratches, bent needle tips, and incomplete solder traces?
  5. Do you need to count items, such as pills in a blister pack, bottles in a case, and components of a kit?
  6. Do you need to verify the completeness of assemblies, such as the inclusion of consumer safety inserts and the completion of an assembly operation?
  7. Are you responsible for detecting tool wear in machining operations before parts are out of spec?
  8. Do you need to verify component dimensions, such as the measuring the gap on a spark plug?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your company is a good candidate for integrating a machine vision system into your operations.  For more information about machine vision, download Introduction to Machine Vision Inspection.

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