Applications - Industrial Inspection & Classification

ViDi Suite tackles otherwise impossible to program both functional and aesthetics anomalies inspection & classification. Successful applications are in pharmaceutical, med-tech, watch Industry, automotive, logistics center, bottling industry, textile, printing, ceramics, photovoltaic, …

Textile inspection

index textile

Automatic inspection of higly complex and visually different pattern fabrics with ViDi red tool.


Solar Panel Inspection

index solar panels Automated analysis of electro-luminescence (EL) images of photovoltaic modules with ViDi red tool.
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Appearance-based product identification

index textile Automatic product identification and classification without access to bar or matrix code with ViDi green tool.
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Watch Part Inspection

index watch decoration Automated analysis of decorated watch parts on numerous types of materials with ViDi red tool.
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Machined part inspection

index machined part Automated visual inspection of all shapes complex machined parts with ViDi red tool.
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Welding seam inspection

index welding Automated optical inspection of all shapes and features welding seams with ViDi red tool.
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Pad printing aesthetic inspection

index pad printing Automated aesthetic inspection of complex pad printing with ViDi blue and ViDi red tools.
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Defect Detection on Textured Metal Surface

index automotive Typical defects like hits, scratches or stains are often hardly discernable at the early production stages because of the parts’ rough and strongly textured surfaces.
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